IP Litigation

“Who dares to defend their rights, has earned their rights.”

Roger Sherman Baldwin
(1793-1863), United States politician

We are convinced that intellectual property rights can only reach their full potential when they are consistently defended against infringements. “Consistently” also means that, where necessary, the rights be enforced in court.

Rightholders are sometimes unnecessarily reluctant to take this step. However, the enforcement of intellectual property rights in legal proceedings is in many cases possible with clear chances of success, straightforward cost risks and comparatively short timeframes. This is especially true for Germany and its specialized court system. The requirements, for which, are that legal proceedings from the beginning are conducted in the proper manner and with the necessary experience.

The conduct of legal proceedings for intellectual property infringements is one of the core strengths of our firm. We will not be satisfied with less than the 100 % enforcement of our clients’ intellectual property rights. The number of our successful precedential cases is evidence of this approach.

In cross-border issues there are often connecting factors, which allow us to enforce before specialized courts in Germany. Also in matters where international proceedings are necessary, your company can benefit from our experience: through our worldwide network of local counsel we coordinate many international and cross-border court cases – in Europe as well as in focus markets like the United States and China. Here, we ensure that the proceedings are handled efficiently, successfully and always with an eye to the costs.

Naturally, you will benefit from our extensive practical experience before courts, where your company must defend itself against allegations of intellectual property infringement. Equipped with the knowledges of what successful legal proceedings entail, we will develop a customized and appropriate defense strategy.