“What good are the noblest of rights to those who cannot wield them?”

Jacob Grimm
(1785 - 1863), German linguist and literary theorist

Attaining intellectual property rights is the foundation for an effective fight against imitations and counterfeits. Additionally, the protection of company unique innovations and trademarks is of great importance in order to stand out from competitors and to protect your business scope.

At the same time, the size of the intellectual property portfolio is not decisive. Of more importance it is to strategically decide which products, in which manners, and in which countries should be protected. The aim is to keep all intellectual property rights in view, since in many cases, overlapping protection by several rights is possible. If this decision is based on the necessary experience, it is possible to obtain very broad protection with comparatively little effort and at surprisingly low cost.

The attorneys and patent attorneys of our firm possess many years’ experience in the development of customized application strategies and the acquisition of intellectual property rights worldwide. Given our enforcement experience, we think in those terms and therefore are able to obtain the maximum protection for your products, whether in the areas of technical innovations (patents and industrial designs), creative efforts (designs and copyrights) or for the safeguarding of trademarks and business signs.